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  Full Size American Style Sandwich served on wholemeal bread – includes lettuce, tomato, cucumber & mayo plus main ingredient:    
  (Minimum order for each item: 5pcs)    
  Egg Salad Mayonnaise 蛋沙律三文治    
  Cheddar Cheese Sandwich 車打芝士三文治    
  Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich 煙肉蕃茄生菜三文治    
  Ham & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich 芝士火腿三文治    
  Lemon Tuna Sandwich 檸檬吞拿魚三文治    
  Cream Cheese & Prawn Sandwich 鮮蝦忌廉芝士三文治    
  Turkey Deluxe Cranberry Sandwich 金巴利煙火雞三文治    
  Pastrami Supreme Sandwich 黑椒牛肉三文治    
  Chicken & Bacon Sandwich 煙肉燒雞三文治    
  Smoked Salmon & Dill Sandwich 煙三文魚刁草三文治    
  Club Sandwich 公司三文治    
  Pre-packed Salads    
  (Minimum order for each item: 5pcs)    
  Fruit Salad Box 生果盒 300gm  
  Green Garden Salad 田園沙律 450gm  
  Potato & Egg Salad 廚師沙律 450gm  
  Chef’s Salad 廚師沙律 450gm  
  Caesar Salad 凱撒沙律 450gm  
  Hawaiian Chicken Salad 夏威夷雞肉沙律 450gm  
  Thai Chicken Salad 泰式雞肉沙律 450gm  
  Salad Nicoise 尼哥斯吞拿魚沙律 450gm  
  Smoked Salmon & Bell Pepper Salad 煙三文魚彩椒沙律 450gm  
  Parma Ham & Melon Salad 巴馬火腿蜜瓜沙律 450gm  
  Shrimp & Scallop Salad 鮮蝦帶子沙律 450gm  
  Sandwich Stuffing    
  Egg Salad Mayonnaise (Chilled pack) 雞蛋沙律 1kg/pack  
  Roast Chicken Shredded (Frozen pack) 燒雞絲 1kg/pack  
  Smoked Ham Sliced (Frozen pack) 煙火腿片 1kg/pack  
  Smoked Turkey Sliced (Frozen pack) 煙火雞片 1kg/pack  
  Beef Pastrami Sliced (Frozen pack) 黑椒牛肉片 1kg/pack  
  Roast Beef Sliced (Frozen pack) 燒牛肉片 1kg/pack  
  Japanese Style Cold Noodles    
  Japanese Style Cold Noodles 日式冷麵
Includes Ramen, Cucumber, Carrots,Eggs, Crabstick, Tomato & Seaweed
  Japanese Style Cold Udon 日式冷烏冬
Includes Cucumber, Carrots, Eggs, Crabstick, Tomato & Seaweed
  Sauces - Chilled pack    
  Gravy (based on beef stock) (chilled pack) 燒汁 2kg/pack  
  Tomato Concase Sauce (frozen pack) 香草蕃茄汁 2kg/pack  
  Bolognaise Sauce (frozen pack) 肉醬 2kg/pack  
  Pesto Sauce (frozen pack) 香草汁 1kg/pack  
  Soup - Chilled Pack    
  Minestrone 意大利雜菜湯 2kg/pack  
  Borscht 羅宋湯 2kg/pack  
  Tomato & Basil 香草蕃茄湯 2kg/pack  
  Cream of Broccoli 西蘭花忌廉湯 2kg/pack  
  Cream of Chicken & Vegetable 忌廉雞肉雜菜湯 2kg/pack  
  Carrot 甘筍湯 2kg/pack  
  Cream of Mushroom 忌廉磨茹湯 2kg/pack  
  Casseroles & Other Ready-To-Re-Heat Dishes    
  Chicken Dishes    
  Italian Chicken Casserole 意式燴雞 2kg/pack  
  Pork Dishes    
  Pork Casserole with Leeks and Apple 蘋果大蒜燴雞 2kg/pack  
  Spanish Pork with Olives 西班牙燴豬肉 2kg/pack  
  Beef Dishes    
  Italian Beef Casserole 意式燴牛肉 2kg/pack  
  Beef Chili Con Carne 墨西哥辣牛肉 2kg/pack  
  Hungarian Goulash 胸牙利牛肉 2kg/pack  
  Beef Stroganoff 俄國牛肉 2kg/pack  
  Beef Lasagna (Frozen, cooked) 牛肉千層麵 2.5kg/pack  
  Indian Food - Frozen Packed    
  Made by our Specialist Indian Chef    
  Chicken Masala 印式馬沙娜雞 2kg/pack  
  Beef Masala 印式馬沙娜牛肉 2kg/pack  
  Pork Masala 印式馬沙娜豬肉 2kg/pack  
  Chicken Tandoori with Sauce 天多利燒雞 10 portion/pack  
  Chicken Tikka with Sauce 印式燒雞 10 portion/pack  
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